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S. Tischendorf

Semipro Snowboarder

Started snow- and skateboarding when he was 10 years old.

In 2010, he won his first Norwegian Championship. In 2011, he took 3 gold and 1 silver at the Norwegian Championships, and he won the World Rookie Tour Finals in Ischgel, Austria. In 2012 everything was going Fridtjof`s way. A superior victory in the Norwegian Championship Half Pipe, 1st place again in the World Rookie Tour finals in Austria, a very good figure in Burton High Fives on New Zealand, and he was nominated for "this year's Newcomer" by the Norwegian Snowboard Association.

Everything was leading to that 2013 was going to be a year of international breakthrough, but one injury followed the next.  2013 and 2014 seasons was “a bitch”. Fridtjof has broken almost every body part there is to break. Both his collar bones, ribs, meniscus, elbow, arm, hand, leg, nose, and a few concussions, so he has not been given the latest results for free. BUT the joy of standing on the Board has been so great, that to give up, and not train himself back again, or to live a life off the Board, has never ever been an option.

When Fridtjof is happy, he is on a Board. When Fridtjof is tired, he gets on a Board. When Fridtjof is sleepy he gets on a Board. When he sleeps, Fridtjof dreams that he is on a Board. When Fridtjof watch edits on YouTube or Vimeo, he looks at edits of people who is on a Board. When Fridtjof has time off, he is on a Board. When Fridtjof doesn`t have time off he is on a Board. When Fridtjof goes to school early in the morning, he runs down the Hill to the bus, on his Board. Fridtjof is never bored on a Board. When Fridtjof goes on vacation, he goes to places where he can stand on a snowboard, skateboard, wakeboard or surfboard. Fridtjof is obsessed by the Board. Fridtjof feel that standing on a Board is to be free! Fridtjof - always on Board!

At the end of the 2015 season the results began to catch up again for Fridtjof. Back on the podium in the Norwegian Championship, on the podium in Sweden Championship, a good figure in Pamporovo in Bulgaria, and to end the season with a 2nd place in the World Rookie tour in Ischgel Austria again. 

2015/2016 season kick started for Fridtjof by landing his first triple cork and then by inventing “The future flip". The Future flip was picked up by Tran World Snowboarding and got several hundred thousand views in just a few weeks.After new year, 2016 turned out to be one looong "road trip". Starting with Nanshang Redbull in China, on to Mammoth in United States, Norwegian cup in Hovden and Trysil, the pre Olympics in South Korea, World Cup in China, X-Games in Oslo, Pony Session in France, and Total Fight in Andorra, before the winter season ended in the "Super Park" in California.

The season truly ended there, with a shoulder injury that took 6 weeks rehabilitation.

Fridtjof's plan is to live the dream as a pro snowboarder, and to live well off of it. He dreams about winning the Olympics in 2018, and think it is realistic after his 7th place in the trial Olympics in South Korea earlier this year. The x-Games and the World Championships is also within reach, but perhaps his strongest dream is the dream of being the happiest snowboarder in the world.


of success

1stBig air show - RedbullBAChina NanshangJanuary 16
10thWorld CupSSUSA CaliforniaJanuary 16
1stNorway cupSSNorway HovdenFebruary 16
7thWorld CupSSSouth Korea Pyeong ChangFebruary 16
15thWorld ChampionshipsSSChina YaboliMarch 16
1stPony Session - TeamBAFrance GrandvaliraMarch 16
17thX-gamesBANorway OsloFebruary 16
2ndWorld Rookie FinalsSSAustria IschglApril 15
2ndNorwegian Championships JrSSNorway March 15
3rdSwedish Snowboard seriesSSSweden -March 15
4thPamporovo Freestyle OpenSSBulgaria March 15
1stNorwegian Championship JrHPNorway OsloMarch 15
2ndNorwegian CupSSNorway RingkollenFebruary 15
4thNorwegian CupSSNorway VaringskollenFebruary 14
6thO`NeillPleasure JamSSAustria November 13
9thBurton High FivesHPNew Zealand August 12
1stWorld Rookie Tour FinalsSSAustria IschglApril 12
1stNorwegian ChampionshipHPNorway OsloMarch 12
2ndBurton European OpenSSSwitzerland LaaxFebruary 12
3rdNordic TourSSNorway GeiloJanuary 12
2ndNorwegian cupSSNorway VaringskollenFebruary 12
1stNorwegian CupSSNorway GeiloJanuary 12
1stBest Grom RookieSSChile Valle NevadoJanuary 11
1stWorld Rookie Tour FinalsSSAustria IschglFebruary 11
1stBest overall in the Norwegian cupSSNorway January 11
1stNorwegian ChampionshipSSNorway TrysilFebruary 11
1stNorwegian ChampionshipHPNorway OsloMarch 11
1stNorwegian ChampionshipBANorway OsloFebruary 11
2ndNorwegian ChampionshipBCNorway TrysilJanuary 11
1stNorwegian ChampionshipSSNorway VaringskollenJanuary 10